Analog Favorites

analogI saw a tweet by Kyle Reed that got me thinking…

As tech prone as I am, there are many things in life that I enjoy that are of another time, so to speak. Here is a list of things that are decidedly of the past that I chose to use…

  • Notebook and pen. I keep going back to the most basic form of written communication. No battery life to fret. No formatting or SEO woes. Just ink to page.
  • Handkerchief. Yes, I know tissues are more sanitary, and, as an allergy sufferer, I make frequent use of them. But there’s just something about having a hankie in my back pocket that makes me feel more prepared for the day.
  • Scarf. Like Kyle, I, too, am a scarf wearer. I find that wearing a scarf keeps one warmer overall. Also, as a singer, I like to keep the throat protected from the elements.
  • Wristwatch. These days, there are clocks everywhere. On the laptop screen. Phone. Every appliance in the kitchen. I even ask Siri for the time on occasion. But I can’t get away from having the time at a glance on my wrist.

Do you use any “old world” items in your day-to-day?