I Take Myself Too Seriously

If you are a #NoCamo reader, you have probably noticed that I have slipped in and out of regularity with regards to posting (that sentence is very awkward, but I’m keeping it).

I’ve been trying to determine why. I could say that it is due to schedules, or Christmas, or, well, any number of things. But I think I’ve figured out the main reason.

I take myself WAY too seriously.

I think that I pattern my writing in one way or another after Christian bloggers that I read. And, whether accurate or not, I see what other people write as weighty, relevant, hard-hitting, ground breaking, and serious. So, I feel like my writing should always be weighty, relevant, hard-hitting, ground breaking, and serious.

And I am RARELY any of those things.

I am goofy. Nerdy. Geeky. Occasionally poignant, yes. But I have come to understand that, if I wait until I have something weighty, relevant, hard-hitting, ground breaking, and/or serious to say, I’ll NEVER WRITE ANYTHING.

What a waste of a medium!

Now, I do not endeavor to waste my readers’ time. I don’t mean to add to the endless noise on the Interwebs. But I have chosen to embrace my goofiness, and post things like this serious Christmas message from Christmas day

Because… well, why not?

Just because my blog is dedicated to the NoCamo life, it doesn’t have to be morbid and joy-less. In fact, shouldn’t the Christian life be neither of those things? Shouldn’t it, in fact, be a celebration of the way God has made each of us different, and some of us intrinsically goofy?