Trying Too Hard

Since I am somewhat new to the company for which I work, I only recently received a nameplate for my desk. So, to make do until I got one, I made my own. In addition to my name, I listed my Twitter handle and this blog, along with the #NoCamo logo.

It caught the attention of one of my supervisors. I explained to this person what the logo meant… that I write about living an unashamed Christian existence.

What this person said next was interesting. They said that many Christians try too hard to be different.

I told them that I wasn’t trying to be different. i was just not ashamed of being a Christian.

But I understood what they meant.

All of us rank somewhere between two extremes in this regard…

  1. The Camouflaged. They claim to be saved, but you wouldn’t know it by just being around them. They go to church when it’s convenient. They never speak up about their faith. They never talk about what Jesus did for them. They participate in things that they shouldn’t. They hide in plain sight.
  2. The Pharisee. Much like the Pharisee that loudly prayed in the temple about his own attributes, some Christians like to think that they are the epitome of Christian values. Of course, this is what turns many non-believers off from the faith, lumping all of us into the “hypocrite” category.

And where we rank fluctuates. One day, I put on airs so everyone will think I’m the spiritual bee’s knees. The next, I’m timid and inconsequential.

Anyone else?