Fake Bible? Or Merely Virtual?

It may seem to some readers that this is a crusade of mine. It isn’t. Just when I think I’m out

See, I’m a realist, especially concerning the prevalence of technology and it’s increasing role in the reality of every man and woman on this planet.

I was minding my own business, watching the podcast of a prominent preacher I follow while getting ready for church last Sunday. He had been away from his church for a few services, and was continuing the current sermon series. He encouraged the crowd to turn to the day’s scripture passage in their Bibles. He then hesitated, and said it was ok to pull it up on their “fake” Bibles if they wanted. He even jokingly chastised an elder of the church in the front row using a tablet as his Bible.

I’ve written about my son being able to find verses during a nuclear war. I’ve written about my preference for a paper Bible. But I’ve also written about my affection for my Kindle Fire and Logos, and how I am gravitating to that option more and more.

But why castigate your crowd for their choice of scripture?

What say ye?