How I Use My Kindle Fire… Re-fired

A few months back, I wrote about how I use my Kindle Fire. With the recent releases of a virtual mountain of new tablets, I thought I’d update that post.

My favorite activity on my Fire is Bible study. Lately, my morning MO has involved taking my kids to school, stopping by a nearby park, doing my devotions, and running. The Kindle is the perfect size to sit in my car and read devotionals. The battery lasts several days. I can flip between scripture passages and books with ease.

My favorite app from which to read on the Fire is Logos. I am so thankful for that resource. I am able to look up anything on the full version of Logos on my Macbook Air, and the Fire version is perfect for use as my church Bible and study aid. Since my favorite park isn’t WiFi enabled (yet), I store my favorite Logos resources and devotional helps locally, and have access to them wherever I am. I am something of a digital nomad during the week – getting my writing, studying, and other online activities done wherever I have access. I keep my Fire with me most of the time, and am able to take advantage of free moments to read and reflect.

Is it the best tablet available? Obviously not. But it suits my purposes and I’m thankful for what it provides.