Stand-up Comedy and Canned Peas

In college, entertainment is at a premium, and variety is a luxury. So, when there is an economical venue of potential amusement, you grab it.

My friend and I heard about an event at the Student Center. It was a free concert (well, folks were asked to bring a can of food for the needy), featuring a well-known comedian and a jazz trumpeter. We thought, “Sounds like fun!” So, we went.

And we were the majority of the crowd.

It was bad. We showed up, thinking we were early but knowing we weren’t. There were, maybe, three other people in the large auditorium.

The trumpeter was really good! The comedian was and is one of my favorites!

But the tension.

Ooohhh… the tension.

We didn’t feel at liberty to leave! We felt like we were carrying the show on our shoulders! If we left, would the show be over?

And what about the needy? Five cans of food for the night! And we were poor college students, so we probably gave ’em peas. Peas!

I can’t remember feeling more awkward since.

Have you ever been in a situation that was just SOOO awkward? What did you do?