Christians Are Sinners, Too

I was a part of the Collegiate Chorale during my time at the University of Louisville. We were an audition choir, and we rehearsed largely without the use of a piano. We learned all of our music using solfege.

Now, whether imagined or real, the Chorale perceived an opinion around the music school that we as singers were thought to be lesser musicians because we didn’t play instruments (at least the majority of us didn’t) As a symbol of mutual support, we had buttons made up that said the following…

Singers are musicians, too!

It was our way of acknowledging the stigma and countering it.

The world knows that Christians are sinners. The world is not oblivious to the sins of the Church. But I think we are prone to forget that Christians are sinners. We as believers are more apt to judge the actions of non-believers than those who claim to know Christ.

How many churches have been derailed by attenders that claim that their selfish, hurtful actions are the result of conviction or defending the church? How many non-believers have been put off from Christianity because of the words or deeds of a so-called saved person? While it is true that Christians are forgiven, there is no entitlement to sin, because once we feel that we can do whatever we want, we demonstrate a lack of love of for our Savior.

If you love me, you will keep my commandments. -John 14:15

In my work, I am often confronted by non-Christians acting like, well, non-Christians. I have to remember that there is nothing about my salvation that makes me any better than them. I sin, just like them. They are just like me prior to salvation – they need Jesus. I still need Jesus to be an everyday part of my life, so that my walk with Him will not veer to the right or left.

As a child of God, I need to make sure that my life reflects His beauty. I cannot work my way to heaven. I can, however, represent my Lord and King.