Does Google+ Make Sense to the Average Blogger?

When Google+ first came on the scene, I fished for an invite. Finally, I scored one, and quickly started formulating my circles.

Months later… I barely touch it.

I do not have social media experts at my disposal. Or marketing people. Or assistants. When it comes to NoCamo, it’s just me.

Intentionally limiting my exposure on the multitude of social media properties out there helps me better focus and keeps me same. I’m not trying to spread myself too thin. I’m trying to do what God wants me to do with this ministry, and I can’t do that if I’m constantly trying to update a myriad of networks. NoCamo, Twitter, and the new Facebook page. That’s enough for now.

Do you G+? Do you feel you use it to its fullest potential, or is it just “there?”

2 thoughts on “Does Google+ Make Sense to the Average Blogger?

  1. I haven’t found any really useful content on G+–what I do get mostly feels like Spam, so I don’t tend to review it much. There is also a tendency for folks to multi-post to FB, Twitter, and G+; I don’t need to see the same message in every channel, so that also increases the “Spam feel.”
    For me, I tend to project a different “persona” by social network type–and I’ve not quite figured out how G+ fits into that; it tries to be all to all.
    I do like their recent left-aligned change much better–makes it easier to use on my 800×1280 res tablet.

    1. I haven’t been on there to see the redesign, but I heard about it.
      I’m not the type that posts everything on every site. Each property has its own feel, as it were. I just don’t have time or desireto develop my G+ presence, and I’m not yet convinced that I need to.

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