A Few Thoughts on CEOs

Christmas and Easter only.
Folks that only show up at church twice a year.
Some in Church World like to make fun of them.
Mock them.
I’ve done it.
When you work at the church, it’s not hard to get caught up in that.
Just one problem.
They showed up.
Does Jesus want them there?
Even if it’s only twice a year?
Should we love them less just because they fail in a discipline that we don’t?
Or should we take the opportunity as one or two out of fifty-two to show them who Jesus is?
What He did for us?
How He loves us?
How He wants a relationship with us?
And maybe…
just maybe…
they’ll make next week a priority…
not to be missed..,
because love was freely shown to them…
and they want more.

2 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts on CEOs

  1. Excellent points; reinforcement for an earlier reading of mine today, Chapters 4,5,6 of “UnChristian: What a new generation really thinks about Christianity…and why it matters” by David Kinnaman. Based on research, in these chapters he makes a strong point that the Church in its brash approach to evangelism [aka “get folks saved”] has totally miscommunicated the total message–of life transformation and engagement for Christ. It is no surprise, therefore that of the few folks who return to the Church communities that they’ve “sampled”, their presence is only on “the big days.” This Easter, let’s all get to know those in the aisles around us, and develop Christian relationships that edify each other and through their energy put an end to the debates of relevance of the Christian message for today’s generation.

    1. Good points. We have to impart the reality of Hell and the real need for a Savior alongside the message of the love with which He hung on the tree in the first place.

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