Why Being Easy to Find Online Is So Important

The day I drafted this post, I was driving to my new favorite work spot outside the house. I was listening to talk radio in my car, and a guy called in. He was running for school board representative. The talk host asked him where people could find out about his campaign. He told them to search for his name on Facebook, and that his web address is dubya-dubya-dubya dot smith the number four A B P S D O E dot web dot com (I changed the school district and the guy’s name).

No joke.

Who’s going to remember that?

With an iPhone in my pocket and Google synced everywhere in my world, I don’t even memorize phone numbers anymore. Am I going to remember a long, difficult to recall web address that will only be valid through the election cycle? Even now, I’m not sure I got it right as I documented it above.

It is SO important to think through online properties and how people will find you. That is why on this blog I simply went with my name. The title for the blog is Not a Camouflaged Soul, but as long as people know who I am, they can find me online. My Twitter handle is the same way (@jonwellman), and my new Facebook page is similar (facebook.com/jonwellmandotcom).

Michael Hyatt weighed in on this subject in the first episode of his new podcast here. Check out what he said.