Twitter Testimony from March 26, 2012

For those of you that follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t, why not?), I had a bit of a spell Monday morning.

At the time, I called it a “Twitter rant,” but by the end, I referred to it as a testimony.

I have just been blown away by God’s faithfulness and provision lately, and had to share what was on my heart. I felt like I was gonna burst.

Here are the tweets…!/jonwellman/status/184273988678197249!/jonwellman/status/184274302693150720!/jonwellman/status/184274502329450496!/jonwellman/status/184274746949644288!/jonwellman/status/184274983248343040!/jonwellman/status/184275567359696896!/jonwellman/status/184275791314554880

…or hear more about Jesus here.