Behind the Curtain: Tap Dancing

I have become very simple.

As a guitarist, I mean.

In my formative years as a guitarist, I looked to John Petrucci for inspiration. The guy uses a LOT of gear. Multiple racks, tons of pre-production before any tour. I attempted to go that route early in my development.

But as I progressed, and as I realized the exact purpose of my gifting, I had an apostrophe

I don’t need all the gear in the world.

This afternoon, I have been trying to set up the Line 6 POD HD500 I use at church. The thing can do AMAZING things. Love it as a tool.

How many presets am I currently using?


Clean and dirty.

And my clean sound has some grit in it, so the sounds aren’t really that different.

I mean, when I am in front of my church leading worship, just how much tap dancing am I going to do? I probably won’t even keep the pedal in front of me, content to switch from dirty to clean in the middle of our worship set when appropriate.

The beauty of simplification is that it cuts down on stress, margin for error, and distraction.

Question: what is your “church rig?” Simple or complex?

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