Behind the Curtain – Planning Youth Worship Services

I got the opportunity last night, along with the other youth leaders, to meet with the members of our youth praise band and plan out music for the next couple months in the youth department. We had a blast, and I was reminded why we let the members of the team have a say in the music we work on for their worship services. Here’s how we did it. Continue reading “Behind the Curtain – Planning Youth Worship Services”

Behind the Curtain: My Platform Notes

A while back, I tweeted about my preparation for our Morning Worship service…!/jonwellman/status/87500217091497985 Continue reading “Behind the Curtain: My Platform Notes”

Behind the Curtain – The Hour Before

This post is part of series of blog posts from a variety of bloggers on this topic. The concept is the brainchild of Rob Rash. Go check out the other posts in this series here.

You arrive early.

Unlock the doors.

Sort through music.

Double check song lyrics in the computer.

Worry about what you’ve forgotten to do in the past week.

If you lead worship in any capacity at your church, you understand what I’m talking about. Continue reading “Behind the Curtain – The Hour Before”

What Is a “Behind the Curtain” Post?

From time to time, I write a post that gives some insight into what my ministry entails. I know that many NoCamo readers are not in full-time vocational music ministry, and may not have first-hand knowledge of what a day in a minister’s life is like.

I call these posts Behind the Curtain posts Continue reading “What Is a “Behind the Curtain” Post?”

Behind the Curtain: New Favorite

My new favorite productivity technique: get outta the office (my situation is not nearly as bad as Dilbert’s. I just like Dilbert).

Lately, I am taking more and more opportunities to do my worship planning on the move. No computer. No office. Here’s how… Continue reading “Behind the Curtain: New Favorite”

Behind the Curtain: Follow EVERYONE

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I just followed three pages of people who live 15 miles from church with the church’s Twitter account. Everyone. EVERYONE. And I intend to keep doing so.

It dawned on me this morning that I haven’t fully utilized Twitter’s potential to reach out to our community. That said, you may be asking how following absolutely everyone in the vicinity accomplishes anything. Glad you asked.

I read a blog post not long ago about another church that handles their Twitter account in this fashion. It intrigued me. I can’t for the life of me remember who wrote it, but here’s the gist.

Twitter has become a tool used by individuals and companies to readily access and assess the thought processes of others. By following everyone in the vicinity, we accomplish a number of things:

  1. We show interest in those around us.
  2. We meet them on their turf.
  3. We show up in their Followers, which others that follow them check for other potential follows.
  4. We might get followed back (In fact, it has already happened).
  5. We get a glimpse at what our community REALLY thinks about issues. Might discover ways we can help.

Will there be some ugly stuff in our timeline? Possibly. Because our goal is to reach NON-CHRISTIANS for Jesus. That isn’t always tidy. Look at what Christ, Paul, and the Apostles went through.

And what if one of the unsaved Tweeters we choose to follow sees our profile, checks our website, and sees something that changes his or her life for eternity?


Behind the Curtain 091910

I am beginning a new series on this blog entitled Behind the Curtain. In it, I intend to give readers a sneak peek into the thought processes I have while preparing for worship at FBC-FH.

During the offering this past Sunday, we showed a video entitled HONEST CHURCH : recreating the church. To be frank, I didn’t decide to show this video until Saturday evening.

I knew Pastor Bryan was preaching from 2 Corinthians and what it means to be a minister. I began reflecting on what being a minister actually means. It isn’t a job. It isn’t a hobby. It isn’t something we just show up to do at church. Ministry is a call of God to do a specific task for a specific time in a specific place. ALL believers are called to ministry.

As I was preparing for Sunday, I saw this particular worship element. I got excited. It was exactly what was needed for that day and time.

Take a look…