What Is a “Behind the Curtain” Post?

From time to time, I write a post that gives some insight into what my ministry entails. I know that many NoCamo readers are not in full-time vocational music ministry, and may not have first-hand knowledge of what a day in a minister’s life is like.

I call these posts Behind the Curtain posts as a pun (read: bad joke) regarding the assumption that those of us in the worship arts are all about the performance. In my case, nothing could be further from the truth. I have written about this topic before (here and here), but it bears repeating. Regarding worship…

  • I do what I do from a stage so people can see me and relate to what I am doing.
  • I prepare because our God deserves my best efforts.
  • I emote because the things I encourage us all to sing about are wonderful things… glorifying and praising God, lifting our voices in adoration to Him.

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