Trying to Entertain

Recently, some friends of mine went to a Christian concert and told me about it.

They had a great time. Heard some great music. Saw some cheesy dancing.


Yeah. Cheesy dancing.

Apparently, it was embarrassing.

Why on earth did they see cheesy dancing at a Christian concert?


Because this person was trying to entertain. To perform.

I have seen some wonderful Christian concerts in my day. I’ve seen some entertaining performances. The Christian concerts I have seen that have been the most meaningful were entertaining, but not because the artists were TRYING to entertain.

It is possible to BE entertaining without TRYING. Musicians in a worship setting (singers and instrumentalists alike) must be careful to differentiate between making music in front of others and PERFORMING for others.

When we sing and play for the right reasons, we are entertaining an audience of One. He is all that matters. We do what we do for His glory.

Even the dancing.