A Title too Broad?

Smee: I’ve just had an apostrophe.

Captain Hook: I think you mean an epiphany.

Smee: Lightning… just struck my brain.

Captain Hook: That must’ve hurt.

I have been referred to in many ways during my ministry…

Choir director.

Minister of music.

Song leader.

That singer guy.

But there is one title I am not entirely crazy about.

Worship leader or worship pastor.


The title isn’t specific enough.

What is it that I do? From a technical standpoint, my purpose during a worship service is to coordinate the music and media-related elements, to rehearse and sing/play with the praise team/band, and to guide the congregation as they take part in praising our God.

Once this is done, is worship over? Hardly.

Then why is this variation of my title so all-encompassing? Does a senior pastor of a church not contribute to the worship? Furthermore, is the music guy solely responsible for the offering, the public reading of scripture, obedience, prayer, serving others, confession of sins, or the fellowship of fellow believers together? (not meant to be a conclusive list)

It just seems to me that, when you call yourself a worship leader, you imply that non-musical aspects of a church service/worship service/worship experience/faith brouhaha are NOT worship.

Is this idea solely about semantics? Not to me. It has made me recognize anew what worship really is. And it reminds me yet again that words mean things. And just because terminology is popular does not necessarily mean that it is accurate.


What are your thoughts? Ministers of music, I’d love your input. Have you ever thought about this before?

quote from the movie “Hook” via Wikiquote; photo via mistral.com