My Names

I have a lot of names.

By that, I mean that I am called a number of different things by others. Such as…

Jon – My most common name.

Babe – What Jamy usually calls me.

My Love – Another name Jamy calls me.

Dad, Daddy, Papa – My kids call me these, depending on the occasion.

Sir – My kids call me this (sometimes a little persuasion is necessary).

Jonathan – Used by my mother. Jamy also calls me this, though usually out of frustration. ­čÖé

Brother Jon – Some around my church call me this. I usually address men at church as Brother.

Pastor Jon – I am called this on occasion.

Music Guy/Music Leader/Choir Director – Comes with the turf.

Mr. Jon – Used by some of our youth.

Johann – Fraternity and high school nickname. Still comes up from time to time. I like it!

Son – My parents.

New Creation, ┬áTemple, Son, Heir, My Child, My Workmanship,┬áFriend – God Almighty.

What are you called?