Leslie Nielsen’s Noises

Julie Hagerty and Leslie Nielsen in the cockpi...
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I continue to be a fan of Leslie Nielsen’s work. He was a great comic actor and could get me laughing by his facial expressions alone.

But every time I hear his name mentioned, I think of one thing.

He used to carry around a device that, on demand, would make a sound.

A recognizable sound.

A restroom sound.

(I debated in my head how to word that last sentence. I think you understand what I mean, and I can hopefully avoid popping up in Google searches for rude subjects.)

He would make the noise randomly during interviews. There are a couple on YouTube.

He lived his craft in a very real way.

Something about that speaks to me. He wasn’t a funny guy in the movies and a morose, down in the dumps, tormented actor off camera.

At least he didn’t seem to be.

He carried a whoopie cushion while off the clock. THAT is a zest for life.

Sort of.