Sunday Setlist 120510 (and a Philosophy lesson)

It is time once again for Sunday Setlists…

  • Go, Tell It On the Mountain (instrumental, pre-service)
  • That’s Why We Praise Him
  • Angels We Have Heard On High
  • Is There Room? with Room for Jesus (Celebration Choir)
  • Christmas Offering (Baloche)
  • Jesus Messiah

Now for the philosophy lesson.

OK, not really a lesson. And it’s just my philosophy. Namely, how I plan worship around Christmas time.

I feel that we are inundated with so much Christmas music during December (and, lets face it, the months prior) that easing into the season is in order. I try to program music in the first week of December that is in keeping with Christmas without actually being a Christmas song.

For instance, That’s Why We Praise Him begins as follows…

He came to live

Live a perfect life,

He came to be

the living Word, our Light

THAT says Christmas to me. Here are the opening words to Jesus Messiah

He became sin

Who knew no sin

That we might become

His righteousness

He humbled Himself

and carried the cross

Love so amazing

Again, heaven to earth. Humble. Sacrifice. Christmas without being a carol.

Worship Community readers: hope your Christmas planning is going well. God bless!



2 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist 120510 (and a Philosophy lesson)

  1. jon –

    i appreciate your comments on planning for Christmas and moving progressively into the season. we practice the season of Advent and it helps us not “give it all away” to early.

    stay connected,


    1. Thanks Terry,

      Our choir has been singing Christmas music since August. There are only so many seasonal songs you can do congregationally. I tell people that I dislike planning this time of year because of the lack of options. On the other hand, my favorite time of year to plan is early January, because practically ANY song is fair game.


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