Behind the Curtain 091910

I am beginning a new series on this blog entitled Behind the Curtain. In it, I intend to give readers a sneak peek into the thought processes I have while preparing for worship at FBC-FH.

During the offering this past Sunday, we showed a video entitled HONEST CHURCH : recreating the church. To be frank, I didn’t decide to show this video until Saturday evening.

I knew Pastor Bryan was preaching from 2 Corinthians and what it means to be a minister. I began reflecting on what being a minister actually means. It isn’t a job. It isn’t a hobby. It isn’t something we just show up to do at church. Ministry is a call of God to do a specific task for a specific time in a specific place. ALL believers are called to ministry.

As I was preparing for Sunday, I saw this particular worship element. I got excited. It was exactly what was needed for that day and time.

Take a look…