The Day the Nexus Died – Coding?

7In my last post, I lamented the passing of my Nexus 7, my discouragement with my techie lameness, and the lack of time to fix either.

I have been tossing around the idea of learning to code for a while now. I even began some CSS lessons on Codecademy a while back, but other things took precedent.

I feel like it’s time to dive back in.

Once, my dad and I were talking. The subject turned to gadgets or tech or something. Dad postulated that, should the unthinkable happen (EMP, nukes, power grid disaster, etc), he would be better equipped to handle things in the aftermath, without technology.

Maybe so. But, in the absence of the aforementioned doom and gloom, I’d like to be able to better navigate the tech world around us. I’d like to speak the language of the machines that are so integrated into our lives.

I’d like to avoid a repeat of my Android developer tools failure.

So, back to Codecademy I will merrily surf. This time, I think I’ll start with Python.

Time to put my time (more valuable than money) where my mouth is.