The Blogging Bug Bit Again

If you are a #NoCamo reader from way back, you know that, apart from the last few weeks, I’ve been a little haphazard in my posting.

Why? A couple of reasons…

Life. It’s funny that blogging is meant to document life, yet life tends to make allocating the necessary time problematic.

Mood. Honestly, I just didn’t want to. I started #NoCamo in 2008 by accident. My blogging journey has had its ups and downs, ranging from posting every day to posting about once a month. And, while the uber-bloggers will say that is no way to build an audience, that has never really been the point. I still see this blog as a ministry to my readers and a ministry to myself (wrote about that recently). Well, somewhere between losing my last ministry position and the journey that has been my first secular full-time job in almost 10 years, I lost the desire to write for a while.

Well, desire is back. And the posts keep on comin’.

So welcome, welcome back, or thanks for subscribing (lot of new subscribers around here lately, and I’m grateful). Spread the word!