Blogging Is a Ministry… to Yourself

I have often referred to #NoCamo as a ministry. I feel that the life of a Christian living life and documenting various aspects of faith can be uplifting and informational.

But I have also found that, while I trust that others enjoy reading what is here, I’m positive that I enjoy writing it all the more.

Life goes by very quickly. We all know that. Blogging allows one to take a breath, take a step back, contemplate, and document. I think that is very healthy.

You often see blog posts encouraging pastors and church leaders to blog. The reason given is usually communication with the congregation, which is valid. But I also think it is affirming to witness someone’s faith lived out, as well as their reflections on it. Pastors are people too – and their blogs don’t have to be a collection of devotional thoughts and church calendar highlights. It is affirming to witness their humanity on display (with the private staying private) as they live life just like the rest of us.

I used to actually feel guilty when a post on #NoCamo wasn’t overtly Christian is its scope and content. Those days are gone. I am obviously and unabashedly Christian, and I think people that know me know it. So, consequently, anything I write IS from a Christian perspective – even when it’s about technology, current events, family, or whatever pops into the ol’ noggin and comes out the ol’ laptop.

Bottom line… Life is a journey, and blogging is a travelogue.