My Favorite Piece of Wearable Tech

MG_7474_largeThere are a lot of stories in the news about wearable computing – Google Glass, iWatch, Up/Fitbit/Fuelband, and others. I even wrote about the possibilities for Glass in ministry here.

I currently use wearable tech, but not in the way you think. My fav piece of tech are my Bluetooth headphones.

I found the Tenqa Remxd on Amazon after reading a favorable review, and could not be more happy with their performance. I use them every day.

They hold a charge for a week, sound very good, and can be plugged in for even better quality. And the price is right.

They can take a call and access Siri on my iPhone. I can go anywhere in the house with only a rare drop in reception.

I am an auditory person. This aspect of my makeup is not just musical. I’d rather listen to a movie than watch it without sound. I can put on Netflix and walk around the house with my Remxd on and be perfectly content while not seeing a screen.

Downside? Size. I’d really like something comparable that is more portable (although I just found out that Tenqa makes a portable solution – may have to check them out).

What’s your favorite piece of tech at the moment? Why?

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