Kindness in a Bag of Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

chocolate covered pretzelsI love Aldi. I am a fan. I keep empty grocery bags and exactly one quarter in my car at all times. If you don’t know why, you’ve never been to Aldi.

The other day, I stopped for some groceries for the fam. As I was in the checkout, there were three people in front of me – a lady, and a guy with his little boy. The lady looked as if she had just come from work and was in a hurry. When she got up to the checkout, she ran her card and got her receipt. The cashier asked if the bag of chocolate-covered pretzels on the conveyor was hers. She said that it was, said “never mind” because she didn’t want to bother running her card again, and proceeded to bag her food.

The guy in fronr of me with his little boy then proceeded to buy the pretzels. I thought, “He’s capitalizing on her mistake.” The cashier finished scanning his items. At that moment, the lady finished bagging and passed by our checkout lane.

As he tells her that the same thing has happened to him before, the guy hands her the pretzels.

She was very grateful. Surprised in a good way, and grateful.

Then, the little boy starts questioning his daddy. He was young, but you could tell he was asking why Daddy gave that away like that. The daddy took the opportunity to teach his boy.

Some days, it’s refreshing to see a selfless act. And I’m glad the little boy saw it, too.