He Didn’t Die

gravestonesA few months ago, it was announced at the company where I work that one of our vice presidents was leaving, effective immediately. As I was talking with a coworker, the subject came up. I remarked that I was sorry to see him go, and that I really liked him.

Past tense.

I got to thinking about that. He didn’t die! He simply changed jobs. But I was already referring to him as if he no longer lived.

Isn’t it funny how we as humans can disregard people simply because they leave our frame of reference?

It’s easy to do. When you don’t see someone regularly, you forget they exist. That’s why neglect is such an easy fault to exhibit. We are all selfish at our core and prideful. It isn’t convenient to think of others when they aren’t within our gravitational pull.

Have you ever done that? Talked about someone like they died when they simply left your circle of awareness?