Some Thoughts on the 2012 US Presidential Election

I have decided

I’m gonna live like a believer

Turn my back on the deceiver

   Gonna live what I believe

After last’s night’s election, the above lines ring true. Now, more than ever, we as believers need to hold on to our belief in the King of Kings, and understand that He alone knows His purposes and plans. We can rest in the knowledge that last night’s election was no surprise to God.

A couple of tweets from last night spoke to me…

It is important to recognize that fact, and how it pertains to outreach, evangelism, missions, and the Church in general.

In fact, that’s all we CAN do! We can be obedient to God, stay true to His purposes, and believe in His promises.

Some other thoughts…

•  I had a long talk with my kids on the way to school this morning about the election and how we should conduct ourselves in the aftermath. They were disappointed, but seemed to understand. I encouraged them to pray for Obama, that he would lead the way God wants.

•  I, like most evangelicals, am still dealing with a bit of shock. Like the line I bolded above, I know I need to live what I believe. But sometimes circumstances seem DAUNTING. I guess that it when it is VITAL to remember God. What is the alternative?

•  America is not what it once was. That is not a sour grapes statement. I believe the line between being realistic and being bitter is a fine one, but I am not bitter or angry. I simply fear that the America of our founding is no more, or, at least, is on its way out. When promised the moon, the average person has the propensity to take it, regardless if it is plausible. In reality, our current path is no where near sustainable. But the majority rules anyway. I remember a line from The American President, a decidedly liberal movie with a rather conservative line spoken by President Shepherd… America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight.

•  I discovered yet again how much I am a stranger in a strange land as the polls were coming in Tuesday night. I was at work, and the only one around that was not jubilant at the potential outcome.

Pray for our leaders. Pray for our country. Pray that we, the Church, will be a steadfast, ever true force for salt and light in this world, and may we do our part to grow the heavenly kingdom in spite of what earthly rulers choose for us.

What are some of your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with mine?