My New Fav – TobyMac’s New Album

English: Toby Mac
English: Toby Mac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first Christian concert was by a hip hop group which, at the time, was known as DC Talk.

I got to see them at Kentucky Christian College (now a university), and was wise enough at my young age to position myself ten feet from the subwoofer.

(They use a lot of bass. Ouch.)

Anyway, I loved their music, but saw it more as a novelty. I was a pianist and singer, and spent a great deal of time on classical music. I had snobby tendencies.

Fast forward, well, a buncha years.

My new favorite album of the moment is TobyMac‘s Eye On It. If you Spotify (yes, that is a valid verb now), here’s a playlist…

I love how absolutely JOYFUL it is. It celebrates the Christian life in a way that is unlike other Christian artists. It is truly unique and groundbreaking. It’s honest, transparent, and just plain cool. And the fact that his album hit #1 on iTunes doesn’t hurt, either.

Go listen!

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