Why Do We Sing?

This post originally appeared in The Loop, newsletter of Lexington Baptist Temple. Why do we sing? Why do we lift our voices in praise and adoration? When you stop and think about it, it’s a strange concept - talking with pitch and duration. Sure, some instruments have strings. Some you hit with a stick. Some … Continue reading Why Do We Sing?

Gungor, Middle School Choir, and The Greatest American Hero

When I taught middle school choir, there were times that I had my students sing music from other cultures and religions. I stressed the fact that, in some instances, a musician is an actor. I told them that, when they sing about God, they don’t have to believe in Him.But the audience needs to believe … Continue reading Gungor, Middle School Choir, and The Greatest American Hero

You Have An Interesting Voice – Part 2

In a recent post, I delved into an aspect of modern culture that works against the training and maturation of this generation as singers and musicians in our churches - the importance of having a distinctive, unique, and/or interesting voice What do we have going against us in this fight for quality? Television, as I've … Continue reading You Have An Interesting Voice – Part 2

My New Fav – TobyMac’s New Album

My new favorite album of the moment is TobyMac's "Eye On It."

Missing a Blessing, or Doing Themselves a Favor – Uncomfortable Service

When we are called upon to serve in ways that are uncomfortable, scary, or even painful, may we be evermore like our Savior in our submission to the will of God.

#NoCamo Fleshed Out – My iPhone Lock Screen

I am fascinated by my God. Whenever I am going through a particular struggle, He regularly brings scripture to mind to help me reconcile my thoughts against His Word. But then, I have to go to work. And if I'm not careful, I can lose my spiritual bearings in the busyness. So, what to do? … Continue reading #NoCamo Fleshed Out – My iPhone Lock Screen

If Something Belongs to Jesus…

I've enjoyed the week of devotionals that Perry Noble has posted on his blog in the days preceding his sabbatical (you can find the first post here). On day five, Perry referenced Matthew 16:18 and asked the question... If something belongs to Him (Jesus), is it important? (Perry is the king of the rhetorical.) God INVENTED … Continue reading If Something Belongs to Jesus…

JAM Student Ministries presents “Hero”

Sunday morning at LBT touched my heart. The children's ministry, JAM (Jesus And Me), at LBT signed the song Hero by the band Abandon. Awesome song. Awesome message. Awesome use of black lights. Check it out... http://vimeo.com/41264446 Here is the song on Spotify... http://open.spotify.com/track/6Yca1DFjVZrKDpifPfcgY1 (Thanks to Dave Vela with Abandon for permission to post the … Continue reading JAM Student Ministries presents “Hero”

Poetic Rendition of the Crucifixion as a Wedding

I tweeted this the other day... https://twitter.com/#!/jonwellman/status/187538531474878464 As I am true to my word, here is the video... http://youtu.be/6WIb2G1EHMY I don't believe I have ever heard the crucifixion related to the bride of Christ, His church, in this way before. I had never heard of the poet, David Bowden, before seeing this video, and know … Continue reading Poetic Rendition of the Crucifixion as a Wedding

Ten Ways to Plan Worship Services with Better Flow

Those of us who attend church regularly have been in worship services that just seem to flow perfectly. Every song transitions perfectly into the next. Every word said is poignant and meaningful, adding beauty and context to the service. Every word on the screens is in place. Everything just works. Not all services roll like … Continue reading Ten Ways to Plan Worship Services with Better Flow