Being a Writer with a Small Audience Does Not Make Me Less of a Writer

I read the big blogs, and I struggle with envy.

Who wouldn’t? You see these writers that have people reading their blogs to the tune of thousands per day. Compared to that metric, NoCamo is TINY.

But that doesn’t make me less of a writer.

Jon Acuff, one of those big bloggers, wrote an interesting piece a few weeks ago about blog stats and what “average” actually means. It hit home with me. By his reckoning, NoCamo is above average. That’s encouraging.

I’m grateful for this forum. I love to write. And if people are encouraged, uplifted, informed, convicted, puzzled, engaged, enraged, or otherwise flummoxed by what they read here… bonus.

My goal here continues to be to write as a Christian in the world, bold and unashamed. And as God sees fit to use this medium, I’ll give him the glory for the growth.

Are you a writer? Does it make any difference how many people read what you write?