Greatness, Discouragement, and Crisis

“A man’s greatness is determined by what it takes to discourage him.” -Jerry Falwell

“Character is not made in a crisis. It is only exhibited.” -Robert Freeman

In my last post, I talked about comfort and crisis in the Christian life. These quotes further speak to this topic.

I think of greatness under pressure when I think of the Apostle Paul. Beaten. Stoned. Imprisoned. And he was still willing to give up his salvation if it meant others could know Christ (Romans 9:3).

I feel that men are more easily discouraged than women. I don’t have any real statistics, but I know from experience that men in general tend to be prideful, selfish, and success-driven. Thus, if things go awry, we tend to get discouraged.

I was praying through some things this morning when I felt that God was telling me, Jon, you have no control. None. I will take care of ____ myself.

It’s truly comforting to know that my livelihood is His responsibility.