Takeaways from #jhmc2012

As I mentioned in my last post, I haven’t yet written about my experiences a couple of weekends ago at the Men’s Conference at First Baptist Church Woodstock. I intentionally wanted to take some time to soak in everything from the trip.

Rather than write out a detailed play-by-play, I’ve decided to bullet some points, quotes, thoughts, and memories…

  • FBCW does a fabulous job of making their large church seem smaller and friendlier than most big churches. Kudos to the volunteers and staff.
  • I went to a couple of great breakout sessions: A Call to Biblical Manhood with Bob Reccord and Fight Like a Man with Troy Haas.
  • Pastor Johnny was on fire. More so than years past.
  • “One of the strongest things a man can do is pray out loud for and with his wife.” -Bob Reccord
  • The opposite of control is trust. -Troy Haas
  • Jesus = Exultation. Satan = Reduction. -Johnny Hunt
  • “Work on the depth of your life and let God work on the breadth of your life.” -Johnny Hunt
  • “When you have the Father, you have HIS resources.” -Johnny Hunt
  • “The Devil can only roar because Jesus knocked his teeth out at the cross.” -Johnny Hunt
  • Regarding Tim Tebow showing his faith… “Anybody ever tell the Devil to calm down?” -Johnny Hunt
  • “Every temptation originates with a thought which turns into a desire. And the we are presented with a choice.” -Charles Stanley
  • Any sin you uncover, God covers. Any sin you cover, God uncovers.
  • God will teach you to see things the way He sees them and the way you SHOULD see it. -Johnny Hunt
  • “Jesus doesn’t just send you… he goes with you.” -Johnny Hunt
  • Never disregard the drive. Every year, I thoroughly enjoy the van ride to and from Woodstock. The conversations and laughs are a highlight.
  • I haven’t yet done so, but I am glad they have gone to MP3 downloads of the sessions. In past years, someone had to wait in line for CDs reproduced right after the last amen, or wait for the CDs to be mailed. Downloads are much more efficient and a welcome perk.

This is just a sample of some of my takeaways. If you went to the conference, please add your thoughts to the comments.

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