My Tips for a Great Men’s Conference at First Baptist Church Woodstock

Last weekend, I attended the Men’s Conference at First Baptist Church Woodstock.

I have been to this conference several times, and I am always impressed with the way the conference is run, the variety of breakouts, and the spirit in the room when several thousand men worship and study the Word together under a wonderful preacher like Johnny Hunt.

The conference has grown over the years to over 12,000 in attendance, and has been expanded to two weekends. So there is another group of 6,000+ men on their way to Woodstock this weekend as well.

I thought I would offer up some tips to those men on their way to the second weekend of the conference…

  1. Bring a Bible and a pen. Lots of notes to take, and lots of scriptures to look up. Most are in the booklet, but still…
  2. Look over the breakout list and have a plan. Have a general idea as to which breakout you want to attend and know its location well enough to get there early.
  3. Be flexible with your breakout selection. One of the guys in our group could only get in to his third choice.
  4. Be honest. With God and with yourself. Arrive expecting conviction and pray to that end. Pastor Johnny has a powerful word to share (I’ll write about my takeaways in a later post), and, as one of our guys said, he will pound you in the face with it. And that’s a good thing.

Here’s a taste of the theme song for the conference…