Not Again!

If you are anything like me, you don’t like reading what I’m writing about in this post.

I know. I know. Not the best way to start a blog post. But I don’t really like reading posts from once-active bloggers who have been sporadic in their output as they try to work out “why” in a post.

But here I go anyway.

Because, after all, this blog is a ministry. But it started as a place for me to air my views on life, the universe, and everything (You get bonus points for getting that reference. See me after class.).

I have taken writing breaks in the past. Some intentionally. Some not. Holiday breaks. Creativity breaks. “Sick-of-my-computer” breaks. This most recent break stemmed from some a period in my life that, through God’s grace, have taught me a thing or two about faith and “Christ in me.”

So, do I commit to a schedule for my readers’ sake? Do I over-commit? Or do I share with you my excitement about what I am learning about God, the Gospel, His love for me, and the other lessons He is so lovingly teaching me at the moment?

So yes, there are posts in the hopper that I will eagerly share in the days ahead. I am looking forward to getting them out there for you to read. May they be a blessing and encouragement to you. Maybe a few times a week. Maybe a couple of times a month. But rest assured, there is more to come.