Did I Really Want to Go to Elephant Room 2?

A few days ago, I tweeted an entry for a contest to see Elephant Room 2…


The question is… did I really want to go?

For NoCamo readers that don’t know, the Elephant Room 1.0 was the brainchild of James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel and Walk in the Word. He brought together eight pastors of prominent churches to debate their methods.

When I heard about the conference, I ordered the DVDs. The “conversations” made me rethink my own methods and practices in a very critical way.

E.R. 2.0 has run into its share of missteps, not the least of which was the invitation of T.D. Jakes. I won’t attempt to explain why his invitation was problematic. I will simply affirm my belief in the Trinity as it applies to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God in three persons, distinct yet without division.

While E.R. 1.0 managed to bring together different points of view in order to bring out similarities in these pastors’ views, E.R. 2.0 seems to be a departure from this intent.

So why did I tweet an entry for the contest?

Curiosity, I guess.

I’m interested to see how this whole thing will play out. There is an opportunity to make much of Christ in every situation, and E.R. 2.0 is no exception. We’ll see what happens. However, I do fear for viewers and attenders who are not believers or who are easily swayed, and I pray for them. Some points of view are simply not doctrinal and need to be denounced, not discussed.

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