Results from My Recent Writing Break

Toward the end of my recent break from writing, I had to stop myself from writing a number of posts. I needed an intentional break from the day to day of this particular aspect of my ministry, and had to exercise some restraint. It was difficult!! I love writing for NoCamo, and am easing back into the swing of things.

I believe there are times of refreshing that come from periods of inactivity that are beneficial. The break did me a lot of good, and I would encourage you writers out there (that have the luxury to do so) to step back periodically to develop some perspective.

Another result of my time away: I’ve decided to try to write more often, and not be so concerned about post length. I have always enjoyed Seth Godin‘s writing, and love how he is able to coax big ideas out of few words. I hope to develop my ability to do this. One method is the iBlog, which I reintroduced a while back. I hope to do more iBlog posts.

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Thanks for reading!