The iBlog is Back


In the early NoCamo days, I produced this website with iWeb. It looked ok, but I always lamented my inability to blog without being in front of that computer. So, when I wanted to post but was not near the iMac, I set up a page on the blog called the iBlog. I used the RSS feed from my Blogger site and posted to it with my Samsung Blackjack. Then, when I got back to the iMac, I reworked those posts in iWeb. It worked fairly well.

Now, I am all-in with WordPress and am grateful for what it provides. Including the WordPress for iOS app that I am typing on right now.

And that I used last night to document the death of bin Laden.

I’ve decided to bring the iBlog back. From time to time, I will take a picture wherever I am and record some thoughts. No fancy editing. No elaborate text manipulation or edited graphics.

Just thoughts manifested on a screen.

That’s what blogging is about, right?