Satan’s Advice – Part 1

I was FLOORED by this tweet yesterday…!/milesmcpherson/status/118837790699036672

I got to see Miles MacPherson preach at the NWLC conference a couple of months ago. I had never heard of him, so I started to follow him on Twitter.

I have been a Christian for 30 years, and have NEVER heard of temptation described this way.

What are your thoughts about this statement?

2 thoughts on “Satan’s Advice – Part 1

  1. Ouch and VERY GOOD point!
    We (Christians) need to stop being coddled.
    I am a firm believer in a preacher that is; what I call “Smack, Revive, Teach and Show”
    Smack people into reality, Revive them with The Word of God and His truths,
    Teach them what to do then Show them how to live a Christ centered life.

    At least that is what I look for in a preacher =-)

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