Blooper in Batman

I’m not the most observant fellow in the world. But I do occasionally notice things that the average person might not. In particular, I always feel good about myself when I find a flaw in a movie. There are websites that exist just to report on the mistakes in movies… one-upsmanship on a celluloid level.

Anyway, I love the original Batman film with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. While I liked Heath Ledger as The Joker, I LOVED Jack’s portrayal (Yes, we are on a first name basis. I assume. Why wouldn’t we be? What did I ever do to him? We never talk anymore.).

Anyway, there is a scene after Napier becomes Joker-ified where the mob doctor is taking off his bandages. Napier looks at himself in the mirror, moans, laughs hysterically, and bolts up the stairs and out of the room.

As he climbs the stairs, the light hits his face, and you can plainly see that his skin is flesh-colored instead of the white pallor brought about by the acid wash.

I guess the movie makers figured no one would be able to see him that far in the background of the shot, so they didn’t bother to paint his face.

Some Christians believe they won’t be noticed if they aren’t wearing their Christian “makeup.”

They believe they can go certain places and blend in.

Do certain things.

Be around certain people and influences in certain contexts.

Laugh at certain occasions.

Partake in certain concoctions.

No one will notice, right?

First of all, does it REALLY MATTER if other PEOPLE don’t notice? At best, if you are around others and participating in the same things they are doing, they will think you are one of them, when, as a believer, you’re NOT. At worst, you may just show them that following Jesus doesn’t really change a life.

And, of course, there is the matter of the God that we serve Who sees all.

I want to PROUDLY wear my belief in Christ daily, and I pray that I do. I never want to be caught off guard, mistaken for someone who hasn’t been granted eternal life by the shed blood of the Lamb.