On the Border of OLD

Last Friday, I turned 36.

To some NoCamo readers, that is ancient. To others, it is not. My favorite remark so far is by frequent commenter Ward Walker, who referred to me as a “youngling” on Twitter (and I replied at the time, “I’ll take it.”)

But this birthday is hitting me in a different way than my others.

I’m not feeling old exactly.

But I feel like I’m on the outskirts of OLD, looking over yonder at it. And OLD’s border is in sight.

Now, I’m not sure when I will enter OLD. But it’s closer than it was at 35.

I’ve also grown more aware of my profession of late. As I was telling our office staff last week, I am at a point in my life where I am doing exactly what I want to do in ministry. I get the opportunity to lead a group of people in ministry that serve to exalted our King with beautiful music fueled by creativity from the Creator of all things. And I am quick to point out that those of us in vocational ministry never really retire: we just change jobs.

Thus, I don’t know what my ministry will look like from OLD.

Like I said, there are many in this audience that have seen 36 come and go. Some of you may have been living in OLD for some time now. So tell me… Is my perspective unique?

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