Jobs’ Job

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OK, so like all good Apple-ites, I need to weigh in on the departure of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple…

I’m interested in where it will take the company, but I’m not sure it will be a good thing.

The thing that fans of Apple products like about them is that they are consistent in their scope, design, and function. When you purchase a piece of tech from Apple, you know what you are getting.

This is largely due to Jobs’ influence and control.

(Conversely, if you are NOT an Apple fan, this is exactly what you do NOT like about their products.)

With him out of the driver seat, I’m concerned that the company will do what SOUNDS like a good idea, but doesn’t really fit the Apple operational model…

They’ll give the critics what they want.

Apple got to where they are by BEING APPLE. Not by following trends or listening to opinions.

And Jobs drove that healthy defiance.

We’ll all have to watch and see…