Lack of Clear Vision

I spent the entire day today without my glasses.

There was nothing wrong with my glasses. I just didn’t wear them.

I normally wear contacts, but I’m down to my last pair, and lately my allergies have dried my eyes out quite a bit. As I was getting ready this morning, I decided not to wear my contacts and to stow my glasses in my man bag (read: European carry-all).

That’s where they stayed.

My eyes feel great. The bridge of my nose doesn’t hurt. Only drawback? Some occasional squinting.

Well, as far as I know.

Were there any details about my day that I missed because I couldn’t see them clearly?

Did I ignore anyone while I was out because I couldn’t see them well enough to recognize them?

Did I forget to do something today because I couldn’t see a visual cue that, if seen clearly, would have reminded me to do it?

Clear vision is vitally important. Without it, we don’t know what we are missing.