Mobilization: How I Intend to Better Utilize Social Media for Good

The other day, someone came to the door at the church, needing help with a utility bill. As you can imagine, we have people with various needs coming by all the time. This person’s power was going to be turned off the next day. They had a number of extenuating circumstances and needed help. I asked around the office about the potential to help this person, but found out that there wasn’t much we could do.

But I felt like the Holy Spirit was saying, Do what you can.

I remember thinking…

I have almost 800 followers on Twitter.

Over 400 friends on Facebook.

The church’s Twitter and Facebook have a couple hundred signed up.

Why do I have access to so many people at a moment’s notice?

For days like this?

I told this person that I would get the word out and would do what I could. Within the next few minutes, I sent this out on my Twitter and Facebook, as well as the church’s…!/jonwellman/status/104244330155352064

That took relatively little time and used no resources. But by the end of the day, this person’s bill was paid.

I am NOT tooting my own horn. I truly believe God intended to teach me something.

What is social media REALLY for? I love it for the interaction, the connection to others… but it also allows me to communicate matters of faith on a massive scale.

And I intend to better steward this resource.

I’m not starting a global charitable organization or attempt to feed the world’s hungry.

But if I know someone who can’t keep their heat on in the winter…

If I hear about a hungry family…

If someone has an urgent prayer need…

If a neighbor is having a hard time making ends meet…

And I’m unable to rectify the situation myself…

You’ll be hearing from me.