#NWLC11 Part 5 – A Successful Choir: Here’s How to Have One

Here are my notes from the session I attended Tuesday afternoon by Stan Endicott…

  • Excellence is an idol that we wouldn’t recognize if we attained it.
  • Regarding creative meetings: no more than three in the meeting, and there should be one person in the room that you think shouldn’t be there.
  • Psalm 33: Performance IS worship.
  • Five aspects of a great choir:

1. Great Calendar

2. Great Music (finding the right song soon enough)

    • Ambition is a misnomer in the church. -Brennan Manning
    • We all need to be needed.

3. Great Worship

    • Do worship with your choir in the middle of the rehearsal. Make rehearsals special.
    • Hospitality: lover of strangers

4. Great Community

    • The personal lives of your choir members IS your business.
    • Growing choirs are filled with singles because of Saturday night worship.

5. Great Fun

  • Be willing to waste time.