Check It Out – Tablet Owners Have Stopped Using their PCs, TVs

OK, so I don’t own an iPad… yet.

But I can see my use of our home iMac decreasing since I’ve adopted a MacBook Air as my primary work computer. The ease of use and instant availability has drastically decreased my use of our desktop Mac. I can only imagine this would be the case to a greater degree if I owned an iPad.

As far as TV use is concerned… I wrote a while back about my desire to cut our cable. I have since altered my view of this approach, which I will detail in an upcoming NoCamo post. But I can easily see how TV use would be lessened with a tablet. Availability of Netflix, Hulu, and the like make for a decent competitor to the traditional method of watching shows.

How about you? Would a tablet decrease your sit-at-a-desk-and-use-a-computer time?

Check it out… Tablet Owners Have Stopped Using their PCs, TVs | Apartment Therapy Unplggd.

2 thoughts on “Check It Out – Tablet Owners Have Stopped Using their PCs, TVs

  1. I lug around an HP TM2t i5 convertable tablet; I needed a robust Win7 computer to run Logos v4–my use case is to read/study everywhere/anytime. The mobility lets me flee to a quiet room–for a while I nearly stopped using my desktop, despite its superior displays. I hardly ever watch TV–just too much non-fiction out there to immerse myself in. If I start coding/prototyping hardware again, I’d probably return to the desktop more often. Until then, I’m untethered and unafraid.

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