People Who Have Shaped My Ministry

I am taking a cue from Thom Rainer. He wrote a post about people who have shaped his ministry. I thought I would do the same. As is true of his list, this list is not exhaustive and is sorted alphabetically…

  • Adrian Rogers – His sermons have educated my soul.
  • Andy Stanley – His practical leadership knowledge is invaluable.
  • Earl Smith – My first pastor in vocational ministry. Really taught me the ropes. Grateful.
  • Ergun Caner – A man who pulls no punches and delivers the Word like no other.
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  • Johnny Hunt – This pillar of today’s Baptist church has spoken into my life through his messages more often than I can count.
  • Jonathan Falwell – A great leader of a great church.
  • Perry Noble – A revolutionary pastor whose unique viewpoint speaks to me.
  • Steve Evans – Much of what I know about music ministry was learned watching this man. He was my choir teacher at Christian school and church, my youth leader, my vocal coach, and he is my friend.

And finally…

  • My family – My wife and kids support me, love me, and keep me grounded. I love them with all that I am.

What about you??