Re-solved, 1 of 3

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions.

But the other day I heard someone refer to them as re-solutions, or solving something again.

I have decided to re-solve three aspects of my life this year, and I will be outlining them in three posts…

Number 1: Pursue Intimacy with Christ

This past Wednesday night, I got the opportunity to preach at FBC-FH. I spoke about Abundant Life from John 9 and 10. The main take-home point was as follows…

Abundant life comes, not from knowing ABOUT Jesus, but from truly KNOWING Jesus.

I want that kind of relationship with Christ. I mentioned in my sermon a tweet I saw from Hershael York…!/hershaelyork/status/19796516730314754

I want to read my Bible more, not to say that I read my Bible through in a year, but to get to know its AUTHOR better.

I want to pray more because of the POWER there is in prayer.

I want to share my faith more because SO MANY don’t know about Jesus.

I want to know my Savior better.

More intimately.

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