My Take on Verizon iPhone

As NoCamo readers know, I am a rather recent Apple junkie… 20″ iMac, iPhone 3G, iPod Classic 120GB, iPod Nano (my son’s), and about to upgrade to a MBP at work. No iPad until there is a front-facing camera (maybe 2nd gen?), and I didn’t do the iPhone 4 due to the flaws at the outset.

I have also been with AT&T for a very long time. I have never had any serious issues with them, and the announcement today of the new Verizon iPhone only benefits me.

Competition makes the competitors either step up their game or lose. I saw a statistic the other day that nearly half the mobile web traffic comes from (AT&T) iPhones. Add a couple million iPhone users to Verizon’s network and watch the complaints roll.

Let Verizon and AT&T fight for customer share and watch prices drop. I’m all for it.

And let’s do the iPhone 5 the right way. OK, Apple? 🙂