Why I’ll Stay Ad Free

Uber-blogger John Saddington has coined a new term for bloggers who intend to provide quality content and make a living at it… TentBloggers. He has set up a new website and Twitter profile that has been a real asset to bloggers seeking to grow their blogs and learn how to manage them more efficiently. I look forward to his posts.

While I consider myself a TentBlogger based on other criteria, there is one aspect of blogging that he highly recommends but that I fully intend to never pursue… advertising.

Am I philosophically opposed to ads? Not in the slightest. In my circumstance, however, it’s not in the metaphorical cards.

Why not? A few reasons…

  • I am not seeking a career doing this. I have been called to vocational ministry and am a pastor and minister. I love what I do, and NoCamo will remain a side ministry.
  • I can’t devote resources to upkeep. The main reason why I do this site for (almost) free is because I can’t obsess over the design or “pound the virtual pavement” filling ad space. I don’t have that kind of time. Besides, I love what WordPress.com offers for free. No fuss.
  • I would feel beholden to sponsors. Those who would pay for ad apace on NoCamo would reasonably expect a certain level of readership, or even a consistency of content that would be restrictive to my time and my senses.
  • My blog remains fully MINE. Any choices I make regarding design, content, posting frequency, or anything else are mine to make, and they only effect me, my family, and my readers. FREEDOM!

God bless the professional bloggers out there. Keep doing what you do, and I’ll keep reading from my little NoCamo corner of the Interwebs.

2 thoughts on “Why I’ll Stay Ad Free

  1. When I say the title, I thought, “This guy is sipping
    hatorade”. But you shared your thoughts in a way that wasn’t
    insulting to us ad-sellers. Love your reasons too!

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