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I am a couple of days into an extended vacation that will take me and the family through the first of the year. This is the time of year we like to take long vacations. Year’s end musicals are very time-consuming and stressful, and mine and Jamy’s anniversary makes December a good time for a break. Oh, and Christmas too.

I love to read, but don’t get much time to do so. I have selected a few books to read during the next couple of weeks. I don’t have much to say about them, since I just started some of them. Here they are…

Return to Worship by Ron Owens

The Certainty of the Faith: Apologetics in an Uncertain World by Richard Ramsey

The Passion of Jesus Christ by John Piper – This book was given to me by our Minister to Students and Education, Larry Bragg.

The complete Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy collection by Douglas Adams – I have read this large book a couple of times before. Still makes me laugh out loud.

Bible – Love my new Bible. Am spending more time reading it.

What are you reading?

2 thoughts on “Vacation Reading

  1. In no particular order, here are the electronic-based resources I’ve read recently along with my rather formidable cue of current/next items:
    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Recently Read:
    Christian History Magazine-Issue 1: Zinzendorf & the Moravians. 1982. Worcester, PA: Christian History Institute.
    Christian History Magazine-Issue 2: John Wesley: Leader of the Methodist Movement. 1983. Worcester, PA: Christian History Institute.
    Christian History Magazine-Issue 3: John Wycliffe: Bible Translator. 1983. Worcester, PA: Christian History Institute.
    Christian History Magazine-Issue 4: Zwingli: Father of the Swiss Reformation. 1984. Worcester, PA: Christian History Institute.
    Hunt, J. (2008). Biblical Counseling Keys on Workaholism: The Beeline to Burnout. Dallas, TX: Hope For The Heart.
    Stanley, A., Joiner, R., & Jones, L. (2004). 7 practices of effective ministry. Sisters, Or.: Multnomah Publishers.
    Young, R. (1997). Young’s Literal Translation. Oak Harbor: Logos Research Systems.
    Utley, R. J. D. (1996). You Can Understand the Bible!. Marshall, Texas: Bible Lessons International.
    Ironside, H. A. (1938). Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth: Ultra-Dispensationalism Examined in the Light of Holy Scripture. Neptune, NJ: Loizeaux Brothers.
    Tozer, A. W. (2006). Whatever Happened to Worship?: A Call to True Worship. Camp Hill, PA: WingSpread.
    Tozer, A. W., & Verploegh, H. (1993). The warfare of the spirit. Camp Hill, PA.: WingSpread.
    Severance, W. M., & Eddinger, T. (1997). That’s easy for you to say: Your quick guide to pronouncing Bible names. Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman Publishers.
    Tozer, A. W. (2006). Rut, rot or revival (1st ed.). Camp Hill, PA: WingSpread.
    Geisler, N. L., & Amano, J. Y. (1983). The Religion of the Force. Dallas, TX: Quest Publications.
    Warfield, B. B. (2008). The plan of salvation: Five Lectures. Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.
    Ironside, H. A. (1941). Not wrath … but rapture: Or, Will the Church Participate in the Great Tribulation. Neptune, NJ: Loizeaux Brothers.
    Hestenes, R., Hendricks, H. G., & Palmer, E. F. (1991). Mastering Teaching. Mastering ministry. Portland, Or.; Carol Stream, Ill.: Multnomah Press; Christianity Today.
    Egli, G., & Carrell, J. (1994). Making Love Last: 365 ways to love your wife. Gainesville, FL: Bridge-Logos.
    Lucado, M. (1997). Life lessons from the inspired word of God : Book of Mark. Inspirational bible study series. Dallas, Tex.: Word Pub.
    Tozer, A. W. (1991). I Call It Heresy!: And Other Timely Topics From First Peter. Camp Hill, PA.: WingSpread.
    Lane, T. (2006). A concise history of Christian thought (Completely Revised and Expanded Edition). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic.
    Tyler, Z. (2005). 7 tools for cultivating your child’s potential. Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman Publishers.
    Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv to read next:
    The Holy Bible : English standard version. 2001. Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.
    Ellis, L., & Burkett, L. (1993). Your career in changing times. Chicago, IL: Moody Press.
    Westminster Theological Seminary. (1938). Westminster Theological Journal Volume 1. Philadelphia: Westminster Theological Seminary.
    Zuck, R. B. G. E. (1995). Vital prophetic issues: Examining promises and problems in eschatology. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Resources.
    Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. (1980). Trinity Journal Volume 1. Winona Lake, IL: Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
    Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. (1980). Trinity Journal Volume 1. Winona Lake, IL: Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
    Edwards, J. (1996). A treatise concerning religious affections : In three parts … Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.
    Theological dictionary of the New Testament. 1964- (G. Kittel, G. W. Bromiley & G. Friedrich, Ed.) (electronic ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans.
    Girdlestone, R. B. (1998). Synonyms of the Old Testament : Their bearing on Christian doctrine. Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.
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    Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1997). Southern Baptist Journal of Theology Volume 1. Lousville, KY: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
    Edersheim, A. (2003). Sketches of Jewish social life in the days of Christ. Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.
    Mathison, K. A. (2001). The shape of sola scriptura. Moscow, ID: Canon Press.
    Robert W. Funk, e., Robert W. Funk, e., & Society of Biblical Literature. (1974). Vol. 1: Semeia. Semeia 1. Semeia. Missoula, MT: Society of Biblical Literature.
    MacArthur, J. (1992). Saved Without a Doubt. Wheaton, Ill.: Victor Books.
    Review and Expositor. (1962). Review and Expositor Volume 59. Louisville, KY: Review and Expositor.
    Reformed Baptist Theological Review. (2004). The Reformed Baptist Theological Review Volume 1. Owensboro, KY: Reformed Baptist Theological Review.
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    Swetnam, J. (1998-). Vol. 16/1: An introduction to the study of New Testament Greek (2nd, rev. ed.). Subsidia biblica. Roma: Editrice Pontificio Istituto Biblico.
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